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yo dawg! January 29, 2006

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Yo! I am the Amazing Dee And Kay. Ask no more. Just know that I am your GOD. Yes. Gee-Oh-Dee–And-Kay! Worship me. Let me tell ya why I am the uber bad ass.

Oh Wait, shit, my girls are calling me, they want my Amazing Dee and Kay Orgasm™. Okay, sorry dude. I gotta go for now. I am finished with ma’ bitches, I will come back right here and start tellin’ ya my l33t stories!


1. Mary - January 29, 2006

Oh you’re my man! You were so mean at the club!! I mean, how many guys hit-on girls by putting his arms around her and kissing her cheeks? I bet you’re the only one! That turns me on and boy, I bet my friends were way-oh-ay sooo jealous!!! *winkz*

However you could use a breath mint or two. Looking forward to see your next post on club, chicks and brawls!!!

2. Layoffthemtvjackass - February 2, 2006

I can’t believe I followed a link that brought me to this retards blog.
I demand a refund of my wasted 5 minutes.

3. drhaisook - February 2, 2006

If Gods say sh** and do girls, I’m out.

4. MilyPL - February 17, 2006

What THe FucK ?? This is Shit … Big shit from the very good game

5. Isus - March 9, 2006

What THe FucK ?? This is Shit … Big shit from the very good game


6. Necro - May 20, 2006

You…..sick sick men….

7. ziom kwiecien - September 7, 2006

chinole pokazali klase…zdechne ze smiechu:D::D:D:DD

8. KLLR - September 15, 2006

What is it. I do not understand. I think there are can not to doing this movei.

9. the chinese r a plague tho their food is good - April 13, 2007

dang! how can u consider that a movie? i think the dwarf put too much hair gel btw XD and wtf is that? an elf? i dont think so! wtf wtf wtf lol leave the work to the ones that made lord of the rings! at least they would do a good job. hey does anyone know where i can find a good hitman? just to kill the movie director, the scriptwritters and the rest of the production, oh wait! kill the extras and actors aswell! errr u might just kill all of them!!! they suck!

10. movei - February 3, 2008


Great post!!

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