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World of Warcraft: The Movie (A China Production) February 2, 2006

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If my sources are reliable, these pictures are taken from a Korean Magazine. The pictures are for a World of Warcraft Movie currently under production in China. These people are oblivious to how ridiculous they look. Its embarassing how they allowed this to be passed off as Warcraft. Be prepared to have a good laugh.

World of Warcraft:
Heading to Stormwind
The Alliance
The Alliance2
The Horde
The Horde2

yo dawg! January 29, 2006

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Yo! I am the Amazing Dee And Kay. Ask no more. Just know that I am your GOD. Yes. Gee-Oh-Dee–And-Kay! Worship me. Let me tell ya why I am the uber bad ass.

Oh Wait, shit, my girls are calling me, they want my Amazing Dee and Kay Orgasmâ„¢. Okay, sorry dude. I gotta go for now. I am finished with ma’ bitches, I will come back right here and start tellin’ ya my l33t stories!